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5 best ways to eat healthy when traveling

Everyone who ever had the joy of traveling frequently for work or enjoys a bunch of vacations can testify to the fact, that eating healthy on a business trip or holiday is not an easy thing to do. Travel usually involves lots of eating out. And most of the time you find that eating out means eating a lot – most of it unhealthy. The nature of eating out is unhealthy, as most options will fall under this category. Of course, you can find some healthy options here and there but they will most likely damage your wallet quite a lot compared to the cheaper, unhealthier options. So here comes the big question: “What is the best way to eat healthy when traveling?”. There’s probably a bunch of ways you could do it – but here’re the 5 best ways to eat healthy when traveling 🥦


1. Survive the airport

If there’s one place you can start off on the wrong foot when it comes to eating healthy when traveling. It’s definitely the airport. The limited healthy options, unfamiliarity, and time pressure often lead us to go for an easy, well known, meal choice. Such as McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC. Luckily, there are simple ways you probably already know, which can help you avoid this trap. Eat a proper breakfast from home! Even if your flight is super early, make sure you take enough time to get up and get a proper meal in.

In addition to breakfast, we recommend packing as many healthy snacks as you can. Things that you know and trust in your healthy habbits. And trust us, you will need more than you think 😉 A great option for a healthy snack could be our partners at EzyPro. They make extremely convenient products for on-the-go situations.

Extra tip – prepare your snack into single servings so you won’t finish everything on the half-way 🙂


2. Plan your trip from home

Whether you are on a business trip or just a vacation – some planning is always involved. Looking for a place to stay, attractions to visit or a conference location, you plan in advance on how and where to find them. So why not check out some cool and healthy places to eat as well? Pick the places that serve your favorite healthy dishes or at least offer good quality healthy food. That way you can be a little more sure of having a healthy option every day of your business trip or vacation.

List them down and set yourself up for success, because failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


3. Control your number of meals

Maybe the biggest health mistake we tend to make when we travel is to eat throughout the entire day. Often we end up eating more small meals which add up to a crazy amount of calories in the long run. This is ruining our normal daily routine and create unstable meal rhythm. Which goes without saying – is a huge obstacle in trying to stay healthy.

Try this:  schedule your meals like you would at home, with 3 big meals and one potential small meal in between. This will help you keep a closer eye on how much you actually consume throughout the day. And believe us, the calorie count goes nuts when you con’t pay attention.


4. Watch the beverages

$ glasses of different colorful sodas

Often when traveling we visit destinations with a much hotter climate than our bodies are used to. Which naturally leads to a higher need for hydration throughout the day. Drinking water is the standard solution, but this will quickly become boring in our minds. And that’s where 3-4 sodas or juice’s, quickly find their way to our stomachs each day we spend on the sunlight. Did you know that 4 cans of soda equal to approximately 600 extra calories on your trip or around 20 tablespoons of sugar 😱

Pay extra attention to which beverages you let flow through your body – they will quickly add up!


5. Make sure you exercise

When you treat your body well you tend to want to do it even more. The same goes the other way around. If you eat poorly or unhealthy you won’t be feeling about going to hit the gym either. Making sure to have a workout spot for a day or two when traveling will help you keep your eating habits on track.  Because one good thing often doesn’t come along.
TrainAway is here to make this part easy and quick, so you can save precious time for traveling and relaxing. If we are making the workout part a bit easier for you, we have complete confidence that you will take care of the rest yourself!

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