5 ways to find time to workout even when you’re busy!

Often we ask ourselves how to find time to work out, mainly because of our “busy” work and family schedule. We keep asking but tend to wait for answers coming from the sky, instead of opening our eyes to realize that we actually have all the time we need for a perfect workout in our usual daily routine.
We at TrainAway decided to share our experience with this common challenge for every working professional. In order to make it as easy as possible, we’ve collected the top 5 ways to sneak in a workout even when you’re busy.

A guy with gray coat and laptop in his right hand walking on the street with the sun behind him, strugleing to find time to workout

No more talking, let’s DIVE into it!!!


  • Turn your commute into a healthy workout

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Most of us don’t even realize how lazy our morning routine is. We wake up, get ready for work and then jump on the bus.  But why waste the opportunity of a healthy workout? Why do we jump on the bus while we can have a fantastic morning exercise?
Regardless if you’re biking, jogging or just walking, you will create a much better and healthier atmosphere for your body than just sitting on the bus. Come on guys, who likes to stay on a bus when you can enjoy the beautiful morning! Use this amazing opportunity to exercise and create a nice atmosphere for your body, making it feel healthy and fresh throughout the whole day.


  • Wake up early

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Are biking and running are not enough of a challenge for you? Well then, the easiest way to sneak a proper gym workout in your busy daily program is waking up early in the morning.  Why early in the morning and not late in the night? Simply because it’s the fastest way to cross it off from your to-do list, and you’ll be fresh and ready for the best workout you can get. We’re not telling you to cut your sleep hours in order to find time to workout. We’re just proposing going to bed early instead of staying late watching movies or laying tired on the couch after the long work-day.


  • Use your lunch break to fit in a small workout session

A collage of lunch food on the left and a guys working out on the right

Another good way of sneaking in a workout when you’re busy is using your lunch break. You can easily fit a 30-40 min workout session at the nearest to your workplace (you can always use TrainAway to make it easier for you 😃) or just jogging in the nearest park or on the sidewalk. This is also the TrainAway team’s favorite workout of the day. All of us do it almost every day in order to stay healthy and keep our bodies in shape! 60 min lunch break is more than enough for a perfect high-intensity workout! And afterwards, you have 10-20 min for enjoying a tasty and healthy lunch before heading back to work.


  • Take the kids with you

A collage of kids in kindergarten on the left and a woman working out on the right

Are you a full-time parent and struggle to find time to workout?
Many parents around the world struggle to find time to work out because they’re always busy taking care of their children and cleaning after them. I am sure most of you agree with that. So how do we find time to workout? The most simple way is bringing the kids with you for a walk or quick jog around the harbor or the park. Also, many gyms provide childcare services for young kids! This means you can work out without having to worry about your kids. And you can always check up on them 🙂


  • Workout Date!

Collage of a couple drinking coffee on the left and working out in the right

A workout date is an amazing idea for every health-oriented couple. Why bother going out for a movie and eating popcorn, while you can do an amazing workout session and create an even stronger bond between you and your fiance?
Date workouts are an extremely great motivator for everybody. What’s better than having an interesting and effective workout with the one you care most about? Well.. nothing!
We would recommend doing exercises together, even using each other as a weight for different exercises. It’s a perfect way to make your workouts more interesting and enjoyable for both of you!


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