Best Cafes in 15 Arrondissement of Paris

Paris is one of those places where coffee shops are part of the culture, with every street and corner offering a charming spot to enjoy a rich espresso or café crème. And you can enjoy truly authentic coffee time in the 15th arrondissement. 

As one of the most densely populated areas of the city, this district is always packed with life and its Parisian cafes offer a warm atmosphere that will make you feel as you’re a part of the city for a moment. Whether you’re looking for a picturesque spot in the corner, or a modern coffee shop with a delicious breakfast menu, you will find something for yourself in our list of the best Paris cafes in the 15th arrondissement. 

O Coffee

This lovely cafe sits in the heart of the 15th district, and it was opened by two young Parisians only several years ago. But although it is fairly new, it quickly became one of the most famous cafes in Paris 15 district and a favourite place for nearby office workers, mums and their children on their way to one of the nearby parks, and occasional travellers who stumbled upon the shop and felt attracted to its minimalistic yet inviting interior design. 

Besides for perfect coffee and breakfast  of avocado and eggs, and likely the best banana bread you’ve ever had, you’ll also find a strong community feel in O Coffee, which attracts hundreds of guests every day. 

Good News Coffee Shop

First opened in April 2018 by an Australian who fell in love with Parisian coffee culture, Good News Coffee Shop soon became a well known cafe in Paris 15 arrondissement. Packed with natural light and offering an ideal setting for people-watching through its glass walls, this coffee shop became just as popular because of its excellent coffee as it did for it’s small, yet immaculate breakfast menu.

It’s one of the best places to enjoy healthy breakfast in Paris 15 district. The food is freshly made and arranged in a picture perfect Parisian way, which combined with the friendly staff ensures a true Parisian coffee experience every traveler will remember. 

A La Tour Eiffel

With its wooden bar lined with every imaginable drink, cozy seating areas and walls in warm orange tones, A La Tour Eiffel could make you feel as you’re a part of a vintage Parisian movie set. This locals’ favourite café with wifi in Paris 15 arrondissement is known for its delicious coffee, but also doubles as a good lunch spot for those searching for a French gourmet experience.

A favourite eating spot for the nearby residents, its menu and atmosphere will ensure you feel welcomed and at home and it will likely become a place you’ll return to every time you visit Paris. 

Le Petit Voisin

Located in a tree-lined corner just next to the gorgeous Parc André Citroën park, Le Petit Voisin is a charming neighbourhood cafe, brewery and restaurant. Mainly serving those who reside in the surrounding streets, it’s an ideal place to sit on a terrace on a sunny day and watch as Parisians pass by. Known for its in-house brewed coffee and freshly prepared French dishes, Le Petit Voisin is also a popular meeting place in the evening, when you might stumble upon a planned, or spontaneous, gathering. 

Le Café Le Cordon Bleu

The list of best cafes in Paris 15th  arrondissement wouldn’t be complete without this spot. Established by a famous culinary school, Le Café Le Cordon Bleu is place to go not only for irresistible coffee, but also for its offer of dishes and snacks. Made with only the best ingredients, many of which are grown by the school itself, their artisan breads, sandwiches, freshly baked pastries, and salads are prepared by passionate and detail-oriented chefs. Although the cuisine is top-of-the-line, this cafe still has a cozy atmosphere, and its location on the banks of the river Seine is a sugar on top of the gourmet experience you will enjoy as their guest. 

Now you know what are the best Parisian cafes in the 15th arrondissement are, and we’re sure whichever you select for your coffee or breakfast, you won’t be disappointed. You can also learn about the best hotels, events and gyms to check out in this district here by clicking on the links down below. 


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