5 healthy new year’s resolutions that can make 2020 a fantastic year for you!

We at TrainAway have listed down 5 healthy new year’s resolutions ideas for you.
‘New Year, New Me’ – Whether you believe in this thing or not a new year is an opportunity to make a fresh start and set yourself some goals. Why not make them healthy goals?



  • Let go of bad habits

A whole new decade is arriving and it feels like everyone is even more ambitious about setting their New Year’s resolutions high. Why not start this new decade by letting go of your bad habits? Whether it’s watching too much TV, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, not getting enough sleep, or not exercising, everyone has at least few bad habits that affect their health. Find out what your bad habits are and start letting go of them. Take one day at a time and do your best. It’s been said that it only takes 21 days to change a habit, and it will surprise you how quick these days go by. Before you know, your bad old habits have run into the sand and new good habits have been formed.

  • Get eight hours of sleep per night

Yes, the importance of getting those eight hours of sleep per night is nothing new. However, in today’s busy life sleep is often a low priority. Sleep is the foundation to preserving our health, both physical and mental. Lack of sleep will decrease your energy level and affect your mood. It’s been shown that a lack of sleep affects your concentration, increases the likelihood of life risking diseases and leads to hormone imbalance in your body. Also, with limited energy you’re less likely to be active. So the importance of sleep should be evident and 2020 is a great year to start prioritising sleep 😉. To help you sleep better, cut out your afternoon drinks that include caffeine. Start by setting an alarm every night, one hour before you plan to go to sleep. When the alarm goes off, close your laptop, put down your phone, or turn off your TV and start getting ready for bedtime.


  • Eat healthy
    whole food

Why not start the new decade by fuelling your body with the right food and nutrition? Start by deciding what you would like to change in your diet and plan how you are going to make these changes. By eating healthy the main focus should be on the nutrition in the food that you consume. There is no need to count calories or go on a diet. The key is to eat mindfully and focus on eating whole foods and more greens. Plan your grocery list beforehand and stick to the list! This may ensure that you will have full control over your diet and that your body and mind will get the nutrition it needs to perform at its best


  • Exercise

Get more exercise in 2020. It’s not just physically good for you to exercise regularly but mentally too, as it improves your mood and can decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety. It also helps with your focus, productivity, memory and your sleep. Start by listing down the days of the week that you’re planning on going to the gym – and stick to the plan! It may also help you to have a specific goal in the gym to achieve in 2020, for example ‘Be able to do 10 pull ups by the end of 2020’ or ‘Be able to run 10 km without stopping by the end of 2020’. Remind yourself of your big 2020 gym goal and start by breaking this down into smaller goals and use that as a booster to go to the gym!


  • Travel more

In today’s busy schedules it can be quite difficult to pull ourselves away from our schedules and take a break from our work and focus on ourselves. It is important to find time to take a break from your day-to-day tasks, so planning a vacation and travel is the perfect way to rewind. By traveling you create some treasurable memories, you’ll experience new cultures and you’ll be more open minded.

However, for some of us taking a break from our daily tasks and our healthy habits and routines can be scary, to say the least. Traveling will interfere with your active routine and in turn, the health goals you’ve been working so hard towards in your everyday life. Getting back on track again and again can be difficult. Stop worrying about keeping up your workout routine when you travel. We at TrainAway can help you to remove every barrier there might be for hitting the gym while away. Start planning your travels in 2020 and your work schedule accordingly. Next, plan your gym-days beforehand with us and find your nearest gyms here – we’ve got you covered.


Happy new year, we hope you have a great one!