The Top 40 Fitness Blogs You Should Be Following in 2020

At TrainAway we love to keep up with the latest trends about fitness and health. We follow some amazing sites, some with inspiring personal stories and factual advice about healthy living. These sites have been chosen to provide you with advice as you go on a journey towards fitness.


  1. Best Wide-ranging coverage
  2. Most Motivational Fitness Blogs
  3. Most Relatable Fitness Blogs
  4. Best Fitness Blog for Diet

There’s a huge range out there, so we’ve taken the trouble of sorting 40 of the best for you. So let’s dive straight away and start with the different categories.

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1. The Best Wide-ranging Coverage


This blog covers everything regarding fitness, from the nutritious recipe ideas to the trending workouts.


Blogilates is a vibrant, enthusiastic blog which involves mixing fun workouts, food advice and a clothing range.

Breaking Muscle

You will easily find something that matches your view, or helps you meet your goals. 

Chuze Fitness

Blog offers tips for various workouts, healthy recipes and support and extra motivation to reach your fitness goals. 

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Offers advice across all aspects of fitness, the site supplies coaching, supplements and gear for sale.

Spot Me Bro

Covers a wide range of topics all related to workouts, keeping fit, and even a little humour on the side.

Gym Talk

Has both serious advice and light-hearted commentary. It covers everything that you’ll need on your fitness journey.

Muscle and Fitness

This is your ultimate source for full workout plans and tips on building muscle, improving nutrition, and using supplements.


Covers aspects of health, fitness, nutrition, and weight-loss through it’s detailed articles and mobile phone apps.

Garmin Fitness

This blog provides information on products which increase you fitness levels, tips on how to encourage your family to start their own workout routines, and how to achieve balance in your life.

2. The Most Motivational Blogs


Powercakes wants to empower and inspire her readers through healthy recipes, product reviews, workout tips and other stuff.

Jessi Kneeland

This blog offers empowering material around growing body confidence, whether that be fitness, diet or general motivation.

Get Healthy U

Educates and inspires women to make healthy lifestyle choices by providing E-course for it’s audience to improve their health.

Fitbit Blog

Fitbit gives advice and inspiration for those looking to reach fitness and health goals, the site also supplies it’s own Fitbit products.

Nerd Fitness

Offers both personalised coaching and a community to help it’s members loose weight, gain strength and become healthier.

Tony Gentilcore

Tony Gentilcore is serious about keeping fit, his blog provides inspirational statements which will increase you productivity.

Natalie Jill Fitness

Natalie Jill might seem to have that physique the rest of us can only dream about, but the workouts she suggests are achievable for everyone.

12 Minute Athlete

This site’s main focus is on HIIT training, with endless options of workout options. This is great for people want to get fit without spending hours in the gym.

Love Sweat Fitness

This site’s main focus is on HIIT training, with endless options of workout options. This is great for people want to get fit without spending hours in the gym.

The Fitnessista

Fitnesista is a reflection of author Gina’s personal journey regaining her personal confidence after having kids. Sharing tips on her workouts, diets and style with her growing audience.

3. The Most Relatable Blogs

Workout Mommy


Workout mommy is a blog founded by Lisa Gulley, her story is relatable to women who have recently given birth. She uses this platform to share her fitness journey as a mother.

Knocked-Up Fitness

Consists of everything that keeping fit during and after pregnancy; includes a range of workout plans and general advice, all written in a supporting tone. There’s also a podcast to keep up with their content on the move.

Comeback Momma

This blog suggests great ways to keep fit and healthy with the family, involving activities you can all do together to help you meet your goals.

Simply Shredded

This blog is great for women and men who want information on how to shape, tone, and develope their muscles.

Dai Manual

Dai Manuel offer great teachings based on fitness, fun, family, faith and finances.

Ace Insights

ACE contains articles with scientifically proven data to back up their clams. If you are tired of wasting your time trying to apply false fitness tips then look no further then ACE.

DIY Active

Helps give advice on how to incorporate workouts in your life even if you don’t have time to go to the gym.

Roman Fitness Systems

Roman Fitness Systems teaches people to build strength and muscle through their various books, coaching and programmes.

Yoga Dork

This blog’s only focus on activities related to yoga, providing informative articles and its own range of yoga appeal to give a sense of community.

Born Fitness

Born Fitness blog makes sure it’s readers have a place where questions about health, fitness and nutrition are answered in a helpful way as possible.

4. Best Fitness Blogs For Diet

Fit Bottomed Girls

This blog is about focusing on diet, zen and for mothers. It has been written with personal experiences, giving you confidence that the authors know what they are talking about.

Summer Tomato

This is the best blog to cut weight without having restriction on your diet, by giving advice on living a healthy lifestyle and the best dietary options.

Preppy Runner

Preppy Runner shows it’s audience how to live a healthy and active life, with sharing issues of weight and mental health.

Robb Wolf

Offers innovative solutions to topics such as diet, fitness, weight-loss and health through his podcasts. Providing readers coaching programmes for his readers.

A Foodie Stays Fit

A foodie stays fit is a lifestyle blog which features stories, advice and recommended products.

Hungry Healthy Happy

Food and lifestyle blog which involves easy healthy recipes, home, gardening projects, well being, family life, travel and general happiness.

Life by Daily Burn

Daily Burn helps it’s audience to eat healthier and become fitter with a series of guides and tutorials.

No Meat Athlete

No meat athlete explains how you can get enough protein, burn fat and build muscle without the need for meat.

Run Eat Repeat

Run Eat Repeat is a site which covers running, recipes, weight loss and lifestyle topics through its articles and podcast series.

Carrots N Cake

Helps people find balance in their lives by offering advice about nutrition, fitness and best practices to help others achieve that balance.

Thoughts or Comments on TrainAway’s Best Fitness Blogs?

So there you have it, our Best Fitness Blogs to watch out for in 2020. We’re always looking for new great sites, and we also want to hear your thoughts. If you have any comments or suggestions, you’re very welcome to contact us.

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