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The TrainAway team went for an invigorating winter swim during the recent company retreat

TrainAway GetAway

Last week the TrainAway crew took a day off from the office for a company retreat at our co-founder Alexander‘s family summer house in Liseleje. We spent some time articulating and defining our company...

TrainAway in Danish newspaper Børsen

TrainAway in Danish newspaper Børsen

TrainAway’s co-founders Alexander and Kenn recently had the pleasure of talking about TrainAway with Danish newspaper Børsen. It was a great opportunity to spread the word about TrainAway and talk about the company’s successes so far and...

Interns trying to help TrainAway make it easier for people to find a gym while traveling

The TrainAway office is growing

There are some new faces at TrainAway! Business is growing and so is the office. We’re very excited to have two interns, Anders and Michelle, joining us for the next few months. Read about what...