How & why the fitness industry loses revenue from travelers

How and why the fitness industry loses revenue from travelers

Our co-founder Kenn wrote about the recent explosive growth of both the travel and fitness industries, and how, contrary to what you might think, the fitness industry hasn’t benefitted from the rise in travelers. In fact, the increase in travel might actually be harming gyms. Find out why and how, and get the solution, in Kenn’s article below. […]

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New TrainAway destination: Heroes Fitness in Texas

We’re excited to announce a destination has just joined the TrainAway platform: Heroes Fitness, a chain with 4 gyms throughout Texas. Read more below about the facilities their gyms offer and how you can get access through TrainAway. […]

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How TrainAway solves a major problem in the fitness industry

How the fitness industry loses out on potential revenue in a dynamic, globalized world

Our co-founder Kenn wrote about the explosive growth of platforms and the sharing economy, especially as relates to the fitness industry. How can gyms overcome churn, gain revenue, and attract a new demographic? Find out by reading Kenn’s article below!


The TrainAway team went for an invigorating winter swim during the recent company retreat

TrainAway GetAway

Last week the TrainAway crew took a day off from the office for a company retreat at our co-founder Alexander‘s family summer house in Liseleje. We spent some time articulating and defining our company goals for 2018 – but mostly it was just team-building exercises and games (and maybe some drinking).  […]

TrainAway in Danish newspaper Børsen

TrainAway in Danish newspaper Børsen

TrainAway’s co-founders Alexander and Kenn recently had the pleasure of talking about TrainAway with Danish newspaper Børsen. It was a great opportunity to spread the word about TrainAway and talk about the company’s successes so far and plans for the future. […]