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May Newsletter: TrainAway’s Hidden Gyms

In our May Newsletter we’re shining the spotlight on some of our great partner gyms off the beaten path. From the Arctic to the Andes to the Black Sea, it’s amazing where you can find TrainAway’s hidden gyms. There’s also an interview with Johnny FD and coverage of TrainAway in the press. We at TrainAway Read more about May Newsletter: TrainAway’s Hidden Gyms[…]

Johnny FD Remote Gyms TrainAway

Johnny FD on the World’s Most Remote Workouts

In this article we chat to Johnny FD about keeping fit in remote locations around the world. Johnny discusses the more interesting gyms he’s come across, as well as what to do when there isn’t a gym option.  Johnny FD is an inspiration to us all. In 2008 he realized the standard 9-5 wasn’t for Read more about Johnny FD on the World’s Most Remote Workouts[…]

What is TrainAway and How do I use it?

The idea of being able to tap a couple of buttons and walk into a gym in a different city is a fairly unfamiliar concept, but that’s what TrainAway is for. This article answers the questions ‘What is TrainAway?’ and ‘How do I use it?’ The TrainAway name is well-known throughout the health and fitness Read more about What is TrainAway and How do I use it?[…]

Work Out in Washington DC with VIDA Fitness

Looking for somewhere to work out in Washington DC? Look no further. TrainAway have teamed up with VIDA Fitness, who have five superb gyms in the heart of Washington DC. Read on to find your nearest place to train and learn more about these great fitness clubs. The magnificent Washington DC is home to just Read more about Work Out in Washington DC with VIDA Fitness[…]

1000 Partner Gyms Now Live on TrainAway

TrainAway has made another huge leap forward, with over 1,000 partner gyms now on the platform. In this article we plot some of the milestones that have led us to this point, and where this leads us in the future. We’re absolutely excited to announce another huge highlight for TrainAway, as we have now surpass Read more about 1000 Partner Gyms Now Live on TrainAway[…]

Cecilie Lind in Paris for TrainAway

Cecilie Lind: How to make your workouts playful – and make them last

Cecilie Lind is one of Europe’s most inspirational trainers, so it’s no wonder she’s achieved so much popularity and respect throughout the fitness world. In this article she offers her advice on making your workouts as enjoyable as possible, which she sees as the key to keeping your training regime and make working out an Read more about Cecilie Lind: How to make your workouts playful – and make them last[…]

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Top 10 Tips for Working Out on a Business Trip

Ready to go on a business trip and not sure what to prepare beforehand? Here are 10 tips to keep in mind to help keep yourself fit while away from home!   Going for a business trip breaks the monotony of your daily routine. Most people who work out on a weekly basis are taking Read more about Top 10 Tips for Working Out on a Business Trip[…]

TrainAway’s East Coast Takeover

We’re hugely excited to announce new partners on the US East Coast. Both New York and Washington DC are now open to TrainAway users.  Last month California was hogging the headlines, but in April it’s the East Coast’s turn. On the East Coast is where you’ll find the roots of America’s financial and political might, Read more about TrainAway’s East Coast Takeover[…]

7 Ways to Optimise Your Day Pass Pricing

Have you recently enrolled your gym with TrainAway and are wondering how to price a day pass to your club? Use these guidelines to help you calculate the optimal price to sell day passes to travelers.  Setting the price that travelers pay to access your club is completely up to you. You’ll have been through Read more about 7 Ways to Optimise Your Day Pass Pricing[…]