Train in Australia’s top Cities with FNF and TrainAway!

If you’re on the way to Australia for the festive period this year, make sure you check out TrainAway’s hottest partner down under: Fit n Fast – FNF. With 17 clubs in some great locations across Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, you can be a part of the workout culture in one of the world’s leading fitness Read more about Train in Australia’s top Cities with FNF and TrainAway![…]

TrainAway: A Guide For Reception Staff

TrainAway’s aim is to make it as convenient as possible for travelers to access quality fitness clubs. This guide helps reception staff provide the best possible experience for gym visitors. Our goal at TrainAway is to ensure that a traveler can arrive in a new city and find a place to work out with ease. Read more about TrainAway: A Guide For Reception Staff[…]

How to take great photos of your gym

Photos play a huge part in deciding which gym a traveler decides to visit. It’s worth spending some time on, and this gym photo taking guide has some great tips to help.  Imagine you’re searching for an apartment to rent in a foreign city. You’ll look at the price and the description, but you’ll really Read more about How to take great photos of your gym[…]

Work Out in Washington DC with VIDA Fitness

Looking for somewhere to work out in Washington DC? Look no further. TrainAway have teamed up with VIDA Fitness, who have five superb gyms in the heart of Washington DC. Read on to find your nearest place to train and learn more about these great fitness clubs. The magnificent Washington DC is home to just Read more about Work Out in Washington DC with VIDA Fitness[…]

7 Ways to Optimise Your Day Pass Pricing

Have you recently enrolled your gym with TrainAway and are wondering how to price a day pass to your club? Use these guidelines to help you calculate the optimal price to sell day passes to travelers.  Setting the price that travelers pay to access your club is completely up to you. You’ll have been through Read more about 7 Ways to Optimise Your Day Pass Pricing[…]

Four Ways to Get More Travelers in Your Gym

This article runs through four simple ways to get more travelers in your gym. From letting your staff and members know, to telling the outside world, these are tried and tested methods that work. According to every metric, TrainAway is becoming more popular by the week, but the platform is nothing without our partner gyms, Read more about Four Ways to Get More Travelers in Your Gym[…]

Work out in Rome Subscription-free with TrainAway

The center of the Italian capital is littered with great gyms. In this article we talk through why you should work out in Rome, our partners and our gym recommendations. Rome is one of the world’s great cities. From a balmy climate to a rich history and friendly people, it has it all. Especially the Read more about Work out in Rome Subscription-free with TrainAway[…]

IHRSA Passport Program powered by TrainAway

IHRSA Passport Program Goes Live!

After months of hard work, the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway is now live. There are now 450 new gyms on the TrainAway platform, with 250 open to all TrainAway users, with these numbers set to increase throughout the year. This fantastic news sees TrainAway launch partner gyms in North and South America, as Read more about IHRSA Passport Program Goes Live![…]

3 Tips To Help Increase Gym Revenue

Quick guide how to increase gym revenue at your gym! At TrainAway we’re lucky to speak to gym owners every day, from all over the world. Because of this, we’re often hearing of great ways to increase gym revenue. We’ve taken the top ones and summarized them into 3 easy tips. We know you’re busy, Read more about 3 Tips To Help Increase Gym Revenue[…]

TrainAway partner gym Genae Fitness, France

Welcome to new TrainAway destination, Genae Fitness

There’s nothing we love more than announcing a new destination – even more opportunities for our users to work out anywhere in the world! This week we’re welcoming French chain Genae Fitness to the TrainAway platform. Read more below about Genae Fitness’ approach to health and what you can expect when you work out there. […]