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How TrainAway solves a major problem in the fitness industry

How the fitness industry loses out on potential revenue in a dynamic, globalized world

Our co-founder Kenn wrote about the explosive growth of platforms and the sharing economy, especially as relates to the fitness industry. How can gyms overcome churn, gain revenue, and attract a new demographic? Find out by reading Kenn’s article below!


MyFitness Ulemiste City - TrainAway partner gym of the week

TrainAway destination of the week: MyFitness Ülemiste City

Our TrainAway destination of the week is MyFitness Ülemiste City! Located in Tallinn, Estonia, the gym is located a bit outside of the city center, extremely close to the airport – an ideal location for squeezing in a workout if you’re on a short business trip or have a longer layover. […]

IHRSA Passport Program

Should I Allow Non-IHRSA Members to Buy Access to My Club?

When enrolling your club in the new IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway you are given the option of only selling passes to IHRSA Passport users at a discounted rate, or allowing all users of the TrainAway platform to buy day pass access to your club. You can do this by checking the box, or leaving Read more about Should I Allow Non-IHRSA Members to Buy Access to My Club?[…]