How Young People Want To Keep Fit While Traveling

The rise in fitness culture is spreading to travel, particularly younger people. Recent data from Resonance and shows that the vast majority of millennials aim to keep fit while traveling. In a recent article published on LinkedIn, TrainAway’s Brand Manager Mikael Vincents, explored this phenomenon. The results were interesting. While aiming for that beach Read more about How Young People Want To Keep Fit While Traveling[…]

Beating Obesity: Why Exercise Is As Important As Diet

Global obesity has now reached “pandemic” status according to the latest report from medical journal The Lancet. Alarming global statistics make beating obesity one of the major priorities to global health. This is most prevalent in developed countries, as set out by the OECD. Their most recent obesity updated revealed that over 20 per cent Read more about Beating Obesity: Why Exercise Is As Important As Diet[…]

IHRSA Passport Program

Enroll in the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway

The IHRSA Passport Program is one of the most valued benefits of IHRSA membership, and it’s no wonder why. The program helps your members stay in shape when they’re hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away from your club. This is simply done with access through a gym day pass. Now, the entire process is digital, Read more about Enroll in the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway[…]

What Happens If You Don’t Work Out On Vacation?

The eternal question. Should you work out on vacation, or should you take a break? Your doctor will always advise occasional breaks from exercise, to give your body a break. But research shows this may affect your long term fitness goals. If you don’t work out on vacation, you may find yourself having to work Read more about What Happens If You Don’t Work Out On Vacation?[…]

How To Reduce Gym Membership Attrition

What is the cost of gym membership attrition? Every gym puts considerable focus on recruiting new members. However, less focus is put on controlling gym membership attrition, the number of people not renewing their membership. According to IHRSA, the global network of 8,000 fitness clubs, gym membership attrition rates are regularly as high as 45%. Read more about How To Reduce Gym Membership Attrition[…]

Vacation Weight Gain: Why holiday workouts are so important

A growing number of travelers are looking for holiday workouts to balance a higher calorie intake when away. This article discusses vacation weight gain and potential remedies.  It’s no secret that you put weight on when you’re on holiday. But researchers from Cornell University have gone one step further and actually tried to quantify this Read more about Vacation Weight Gain: Why holiday workouts are so important[…]

How To Stop Business Travel Damaging Your Health

Business travel has its perks. The chance to see different places, stay in high quality hotels and eat out at the company’s expense. It’s a great opportunity to meet partners and clients face to face and get real interaction with your market. Yet the long days, restaurant meals, and taxis to every appointment can easily Read more about How To Stop Business Travel Damaging Your Health[…]

Fitster TrainAway

TrainAway for Fitsters

Fit + hipster = fitster That just about sums it up, but if you’re interested in learning more about the fitster lifestyle (or becoming one yourself), here are a couple fitsters worth following:  That Fitster Blog Catarina of That Fitster Blog is a management consultant from Portugal currently living in London. In her free time Read more about TrainAway for Fitsters[…]

Paris – A TrainAway Wonderland

Paris is one of those destinations that’s at the top of everyone’s travel bucket lists. Called “The City of Lights,” Paris is a huge draw for foreign visitors, visited by over 30 million people a year. From the city’s romantic image to its stunning architecture; museums like the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay; the iconic Eiffel Tower; Read more about Paris – A TrainAway Wonderland[…]

Work out in St Petersburg, Russia with TrainAway

Work out while sightseeing in St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg is a must-see city if you’re traveling to Russia. The country’s second-largest city, St Petersburg is filled with amazing sights which are sure to make your trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are also some great gyms in St Petersburg.

And that’s no reason that those sights should take you away from your workouts! Now with TrainAway you can search for gyms and day passes while on the go – even while in the middle of your sightseeing itinerary, saving you time and hassle and ensuring you go back home just as fit as when you left for St. Petersburg (if not more!)