How & why the fitness industry loses revenue from travelers

How and why the fitness industry loses revenue from travelers

Our co-founder Kenn wrote about the recent explosive growth of both the travel and fitness industries, and how, contrary to what you might think, the fitness industry hasn’t benefitted from the rise in travelers. In fact, the increase in travel might actually be harming gyms. Find out why and how, and get the solution, in Kenn’s article below. […]

How students, backpackers, and frugal travelers can benefit from TrainAway

Benefit from TrainAway while on a budget

We all love traveling, right? Whether it is for business, vacation, or a round-the-world backpacking adventure we all like to leave the comfort of our usual environment to visit another piece of the world. No matter what type of trip it is, one thing is certain: your fitness progress will either stagnate completely or even go down during these trips Your motivation will decrease as a result, making it harder to get back into the rhythm once you’re back home.