Paris – A TrainAway Wonderland

Paris is one of those destinations that’s at the top of everyone’s travel bucket lists. Called “The City of Lights,” Paris is a huge draw for foreign visitors, visited by over 30 million people a year. From the city’s romantic image to its stunning architecture; museums like the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay; the iconic Eiffel Tower; Read more about Paris – A TrainAway Wonderland[…]

5 ways to find time to workout even when you’re busy!

Often we ask ourselves how to find time to work out, mainly because of our “busy” work and family schedule. We keep asking but tend to wait for answers coming from the sky, instead of opening our eyes to realize that we actually have all the time we need for a perfect workout in our Read more about 5 ways to find time to workout even when you’re busy![…]

Do Morning Workouts Lead to Better Results?

Morning workouts always seem like a good idea when you’re planning. Get up early, get to the gym, get home. You’ll have done an hour of exercise before anyone else is even awake. And you can spend the evening relaxing, knowing you went to the gym that morning. That’s the idea, anyway. What people realize Read more about Do Morning Workouts Lead to Better Results?[…]

How Young People Want To Keep Fit While Traveling

The rise in fitness culture is spreading to travel, particularly younger people. Recent data from Resonance and shows that the vast majority of millennials aim to keep fit while traveling. In a recent article published on LinkedIn, TrainAway’s Brand Manager Mikael Vincents, explored this phenomenon. The results were interesting. While aiming for that beach Read more about How Young People Want To Keep Fit While Traveling[…]

What Happens If You Don’t Work Out On Vacation?

The eternal question. Should you work out on vacation, or should you take a break? Your doctor will always advise occasional breaks from exercise, to give your body a break. But research shows this may affect your long term fitness goals. If you don’t work out on vacation, you may find yourself having to work Read more about What Happens If You Don’t Work Out On Vacation?[…]

4 tips for keeping healthy when traveling

4 tips for staying fit while traveling

Everyone knows how tough it can often be to preserve your level of fitness during a holiday or business trip. TrainAway has 4 tips for you to utilize to stay fit the next time you’re away from home.


7 exercises to stay in shape when you travel

The fitness universe is very large and may often be difficult to maneuver. With TrainAway it is simple to find a gym close by and also have the advantage of fantastic health and fitness features.


heroes fitness

New TrainAway destination: Heroes Fitness in Texas

We’re excited to announce a destination has just joined the TrainAway platform: Heroes Fitness, a chain with 4 gyms throughout Texas. Read more below about the facilities their gyms offer and how you can get access through TrainAway. […]