Valentine's Day workout routine for couples from TrainAway

Valentine’s Day couples workout routine

Maybe you were planning on only working up a sweat between the sheets this Valentine’s Day – but we say, what better place than the gym to bond with your partner and celebrate the strength of your relationship? Get a great workout routine you can do with your loved one this Valentine’s Day from TrainAway.


TrainAway meets personal trainer and fitness expert Henrik Duer

Hanging out with Henrik Duer and TrainAway

TrainAway founder Kenn and brand manager Mikael had the pleasure of meeting Henrik Duer, one of the most prominent representatives of the Danish fitness industry, to discuss TrainAway and the fitness industry as a whole. […]

How students, backpackers, and frugal travelers can benefit from TrainAway

Benefit from TrainAway while on a budget

We all love traveling, right? Whether it is for business, vacation, or a round-the-world backpacking adventure we all like to leave the comfort of our usual environment to visit another piece of the world. No matter what type of trip it is, one thing is certain: your fitness progress will either stagnate completely or even go down during these trips Your motivation will decrease as a result, making it harder to get back into the rhythm once you’re back home.


Josefine Achen personal trainer and TrainAway Ambassador in Dubai Marina

Welcome to TrainAway ambassador Josefine Achen

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome our new ambassador Josefine Achen into the TrainAway family. Josefine is a Danish personal trainer who currently lives in Dubai and travels the world helping people stay in shape. Josefine’s combination of a fit lifestyle and frequent travels makes her an ideal representative of TrainAway. Keep reading to learn more about Josefine from in her own words! Enjoy 🙂 […]

TrainAway founders go to United States to meet with potential partners (and work out)

And we are off! (to the land of fitness)

TrainAway founders Kenn and Alexander are on their way to the US for an exciting business trip. The trip includes a variety of business meetings as well as, of course, a whole lot of working out to stay in shape while they travel.